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Group members

Edgar Gutiérrez Fernández

Post-doctoral researcher at POLYMAT

Edgar is interested in the physics underlying the structure and dynamics of semiconducting polymers and small molecules. Employing fast scanning calorimetry and synchrotron radiation, he aims to understand how the optoelectronic properties of organic semiconducting thin films and nanoparticles are connected to their solid-state microstructure, conformation and thermodynamic state.

Amine Hanifa

Doctoral Student

+0034 943015444 amine.hanifa@polymat.eu

Amine is interested in the glass transition in semiconducting polymers. Trained in organic semiconductors at the IMS (Integration of Materials into Systems) laboratory in Bordeaux, his current project aims at understanding how anisotropic glassy phases are developed in polymers and what their optoelectronic properties are.

Nicolás Ramos Gómez

PhD student

+0034 943015444 nicolas.ramos@ehu.eus

Nicolás investigates the solid-state microstructure of polymers with high charge carrier mobility. Some of these polymers seem to have poor molecular order –in the traditional sense– yet they exhibit mobility values above 1 cm2/Vs. Nicolás aims at understanding electronic properties of these polymers via the study of glassy phases.

Sara Marina Barbier

Doctoral Student supervised

+0034 943015444 sara.marina@polymat.eu

Sara is a PhD student investigating on the morphology and structure of non-fullerene-based organic solar cells. She obtained her degree in chemistry in 2016 and her master degree in polymer synthesis in 2018. Driven by her passion for multidisciplinary knowledge, she decided to undertake a PhD program in polymer physics, where she is benefiting from her synthetic chemistry background to gain insights into the complex physicochemical behaviour of organic semiconductors at different length scales.

Valentina Pirela Wilhelm

PhD Student

+0034 943015444 valentina.pirela@polymat.eu

Valentina obtained her B. Sc. degree in Chemistry at Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona and went onto to earn her M. Sc. degree in bio- and nanomaterials at Uppsala University. She has always been interested in functional materials and their design principles from the atomic level on. At POLYMAT she investigates the crystallization of semiconducting polymers confined in thin films. Among other methods, she employs grazing incidence X-ray diffraction and advanced calorimetric methods to understand the crystallization kinetics and the solid-state microstructure developed.